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Find Your Tribe

22 Nov

Big Bath of LoveWith growing a new business in health, wellness and coaching, often I have found my ideas quite daunting to implement. I think they’re great. Really? Who doesn’t think their own ideas rock until someone gives them the “look”? Without having the skill or tech know-how to grow or develop my ideas,  I have let that become my excuse and hold me back from implementing them.

Enter here an opportunity that I threw out to the universe that boomeranged back to me with a message.

Late last spring, I fell upon some information on an interesting personal development seminar called Awesomeness Fest hosted by a company called Mind Valley. It looked cool and right up my alley but digging further there was an application and selection process to cap the attendance. That stopped me a number of times from considering it further. Eventually I said to myself “what the hell” and threw my hat in the ring. My business is just getting off the ground, I am not successful or thriving yet, but I could really use some inspiration, and besides you never know!

Months passed until one day in late August I received an email about an interview for this Awesomeness Fest business. I had totally forgotten about it! Well I’ll be damned, they actually want to talk to me! I had a 1 in 5 chance. I made an appointment with the warm and lovely Kelsey and was still in a state of surprise when I finally realized that I made the cut. Wow. Now I really have to think about this!

With my finances being tight , and with some previously unplanned last-minute trips earlier in the year, I really couldn’t afford this one. I was second guessing myself and considered not going, the conference fee didn’t include the hotel or travel, which for me being from the nether regions of the globe, was a considerably expensive jaunt.

In true follow-the-signs-form, I received my travel bonus cheque from work in the mail a couple of days later. It would cover the cost of the conference fee…imagine that?  I don’t wait around to get slapped in the back of the head with any more signs from the cosmos so I make my arrangements and start counting down for this experience.

The next step was finding a room mate. Any way to save a few bucks was welcome, so I put some feelers out to my new friends-to-be. I found one, but that fell through just days before I left. I wasn’t worried though, at this juncture I was going no matter what. As a reward, another person, with the same nickname and now known compatible snoring ability, found me and I now have a big sister for life.

It couldn’t be more perfect.

Now the AwesomenessFest experience itself is a whole other story, with meeting some new, fabulous and inspiring beings that are now a part of my world. I went hoping to be inspired and to find some mentors and was open to anything else that could happen. Well guess what? I got all of that plus so much more that I cannot even begin to measure.

I have found my tribe. I am now plugged in to a movement of people, ideas and talents that I look forward to being infected by. I have found people that I can share my deepest fears and desires with, and they don’t tilt their heads sideways with feigned interest or glaze over when I share. I have found people that have followed their dreams and have allowed me to believe that I am destined to do more and follow my own.

My tribe has helping people and pushing humanity forward as their personal mission. They have brilliant ideas and ways of being to attract good things to them. They are my kind of people. Did I attract them, or did they attract me?

If you find yourself looking for motivation, support or a kick in the pants, what would it do for you if you could find your tribe? What would your tribe look like? What do you look like to your tribe?

Go find your tribe.

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