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A number of years ago, I took the plunge and went to Thailand for a month to learn kickboxing. I have a driving need to be different, unique and l do enjoy the looks on people’s faces whenever I surprise them with my antics. I was curious about it, and I find like with rumours, I like to go directly to the source. Thailand is the home of Muay Thai. That is where I needed to go for an authentic experience.

Firstly you need to know that :

  • I was overweight;
  • I had no fitness level;
  • I had never boxed in my life;
  • I have never traveled to Asia.

How hard could it be?

Ten pounds, 6 years, one broken toe and thousands of miles later, I look back at that trip as pivotal to my launch towards better health and a real roller coaster of a ride to wellness. I enjoyed over two years of momentum from that adventure at Rawai Muay Thai in Phuket. I would still love to go back and have another “fitness holiday” some day but there are so many things that I want to try.  Since then, I have made it part of my travel criteria that I must be able to partake in some locally authentic activity, like Capoiera in Brazil, or cheese making in France. Those trips would be good for my soul, my hips even and yet all are related to my passions.

When you have decided to take a journey or pilgrimage of reflection or self discovery, people often automatically think calm, relaxing and peaceful, while others of us crave excitement and stimulation and adventure. Whatever that is, it’s usually an unnamed gap in your lives that remains there until you decide to do something about it. When choosing a wellness retreat, while its good to have a goal or an intent in mind, don’t feel like you need to be specific about what you want. If you put expectations on yourself, hoping for miracle, you may find yourself disappointed about not attaining your ultimate goal; your frustration will cloud your openness and you may miss out on something totally and wonderfully unexpected.



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