Retreats – Heart, Body & Mind

Are you looking for a personal development retreat or seminar that will help you:

  • improve your outlook;
  • figure out your life purpose;
  • improve your relationship;
  • figure out what is making you stuck;
  • figure out your next career move or what you really want to be when you “grow up”?

Or  do you need to figure out what changes need to be made in your life so that things make sense?

There are a number of organizations, modalities, seminars, workshops and retreats dedicated to helping people improve their lives in a transformational way. I have personally experienced  by pure chance and circumstance (you know, in the right place at the right time) a number of programs and they have indeed changed my life . I will share my experiences and welcome you to do the same to help others decide what direction may be best for them if they are searching for their own meaningful answers to “the meaning of life”.

As this site grows and develops, I would love to be able to have this as a comprehensive online resource for people to select retreats dedicated to the restoration of the heart, body and soul.  And if someone wants to pay for my trip to participate and report back daily and rate my experience…I would be happy to oblige! I love to learn by doing and jumping in with both feet before I can talk myself out of it.


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