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The Scale of Friendship

20 Aug



I decided to conduct an experiment this summer.

For the past three years I have been on the scale at least once every day, or every other day. There are many arguments about whether a scale is really a good tool for weight management.

“Just go by how you feel”, they say. Ignore the scale.

Well I did that for about six weeks and guess what? Fail. I gained weight.

It appears that the scale is indeed my faithful friend and accountability partner, whom I neglected to spend time with, and I suffered for it. Like any good relationship, communication is key.

The longer you wait to communicate less-than good news, the harder it is to gather courage to confront the issue at hand. If ignored, it becomes increasingly awkward as time goes on. It’s as awkward as fitting into my old clothes that were in the second hand store pile because they were too big.

The flip side is once that conversation is started, the invariable thought comes to mind, “I wish I would have done this earlier.” The lesson hopefully is learned.

I am currently trying to repair my lost relationship with my scale, who in hindsight, really helped keep me on track with my fitness progress. My scale wasn’t trying to judge me to make me feel bad about myself, it was there to help me achieve my goals, and acknowledge the accomplishments I have made thus far.

How often do we do that with people? If you are feeling judged by someone you care about, what are they really trying to tell you?  What if they are indeed trying to help you but can’t find the right words? What if they are like my scale; simply just reflecting back your information that you have shared?

The scale is my friend, and it talks to me. I just need to listen, and give it a little more attention. I’ll be back on track in a matter of time, with a greater appreciation of my friend, the scale.

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