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A Quickie With My Food Boyfriend

24 May

Do you enjoy a quickie, or do you enjoy a longer, more languid session that is memorable and makes you smile every time you think about it?

Am I talking about sex or am I talking about food? The pleasure of eating is often compared to sex. A scrumptious meal, or your favourite food likely hits those same pleasure zones and creates similar chemical reactions in the brain.

What if we treated eating the way we treated sex? What if you took the time to get to know and understand what you are eating, or where your food comes from to gain a better appreciation from it? We know when we spend time on foreplay, the payoff is more satisfying. Why should it be any different with food?

How about this perspective. Think about mercy or sympathy “dating” as it were. There are times where you are less fussy or selective with our choice of partner. The person of the moment isn’t your type, or normally isn’t what you would go for, and they are certainly not the “one”. They may not even be good for you, however, they seem to be nice enough and it’s just easier and convenient for the time being. Sound familiar? Sometimes you are selective and will hold out for someone really worthwhile, but sometimes we just need to get a fix so we don’t feel the desire to hold out.

Do you do the same with food? “Ahh, it’s not a great meal, but I’m hungry and it will do”. It has no real nutritional value, but it tastes good. Is every meal you eat a mind blowing toe curling experience? Why not?

How long would you put up with bad sex? How does the thought of less than satisfactory sex feel to you? How happy would you be?

How long or often do you put up with mediocre or bad food, or food that doesn’t nourish you?

Think about the most fulfilling relationship you have or have ever had and what a wonderful experience that was or still is. What would you look like if  you treated your relationship with food like a relationship with the love of your life? Your food boyfriend if he had a voice, would he be able to convince you that:

  • It’s good for you
  • It’s good to you
  • It’s satisfying
  • You can trust and depend on it to take care of you
  • It thrives with love and attention from you

Is it time to have the “talk” with your food boyfriend or food girlfriend to see where this relationship is going?


Got to start somewhere

27 Mar

Well, this is it. The beginning of beginnings. Welcome to my blog on motivation… self motivation that is. I am always making deals with myself to get things done. That I NEED to get done. Sometimes I am motivated, some times I am not. I am always looking for ways to help myself grow to able to get things done that will help me achieve my dreams.

I cannot be the only one.

Whether its your health, your love life or your future, whatever you want that you need a kick in the pants for, I will do my best and promise to share what I have learned from myself, from others, what has worked and what hasn’t worked. If you promise to do the same, I think that we will make beautiful motivational babies together.

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